Gender-Based Lockdowns, Immunity Cards, Other Unusual Ways To Fight COVID-19

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Stay-at-home measures play an important role in containing the novel coronavirus. Many countries have enforced strict policies but there are areas where people are allowed to do regular daily activities through unique government tactics. 

In some countries, getting COVID-19 may provide people freedom. Health authorities identify those who may have been immune to the disease after recovery and allow them to return to their regular lives due to lower risk of getting the coronavirus, CNN reported Tuesday.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced in early April that the United Kingdom considered the idea of an “immunity certificate.” The document will serve as a passport that allows those with antibodies to “get as much as possible back to normal life.”

Immunity cards have also been distributed in Chile for recovered COVID-19 patients. In the U.S., providing certificates of immunity to people with antibodies to the coronavirus may provide “some merit under certain circumstances,” according to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

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Other Unusual Lockdown Tactics

Lockdowns Based On Gender

A gender-based lockdown will soon be implemented in Peru, according to President Martin Vizcarra. The measure allows only men to get outside on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while only women can leave the house on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Panama started a similar measure on April 1. The government said the gender-based lockdown would encourage people to spend more time at home since their loved-ones are not allowed to be outside. 

Stay At Home For Weekends

Turkey limits the presence of people outside every weekend. During the week, people aged between 20 and 65 are allowed to leave their houses. 

However, the country ordered small businesses to remain closed during the coronavirus outbreak, while restaurants can only offer food for delivery or pick-up. Public places like parks are also off limits.

Drones For Quarantine Monitoring

Some governments decided to utilize modern technology to improve how they monitor citizens affected by lockdowns or community quarantines. Health authorities in China and Kuwait previously deployed “talking drones” to order people to return home.

Australia’s Department of Defense has started work with commercial drone company Draganfly to fly drones that can “monitor temperature, heart and respiratory rates, as well as detect people sneezing and coughing in crowds.”

Female Male Sign Panama has implemented a gender-based lockdown in hopes to encourage people to spend more time at home as their loved-ones are not allowed to be outside amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Pixabay

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