Like Simulator Games? This One Lets You Play As The Pope

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Ever wondered what it feels like to step in the shoes of the Pope? Well, now you can. Through a video game of course, so make sure to bring some much-needed world peace while you’re at it.

Pope Simulator

Simulation games are all the rage these days, what with modern game developers pushing the envelopes of what a video game can do and how that can translate as fun to players. Some, like goat simulator, are outright crazy and absurd, putting you in the hooves of a goat as you run about the city doing, well… anything. Some, however, are more relaxed in nature, such as the dime a dozen truck driving simulator games where you literally just drive a truck. For hours (and it’s fun).

However, none so far has decided to take a crack at what it’s like to be one of the most powerful people on Earth. Polish game publishers Ultimate Games has decided to fill in that very, very specific niche… by letting you play as the actual Pope.

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Aptly titled “Pope Simulator” (because what else would you call it? Mr. Vatican?), the game’s trailer opens with a white smoke coming from a chimney, which signifies that a new Pope has been chosen. From there, the trailer provides actual insight into the life of a Pope, which includes prayer and blessings.

“The works on the game art are at a very early preliminary stage and the first trailer has been released for illustrative purposes. However, Pope Simulator is certainly a unique project demonstrating a serious approach to the subject,” CEO Mateusz Zawadzki said.

However, the game play lets you take full control of the Pope and it’s up to you to decide on which things you want to meddle with, be it meeting with world leaders or global politics.

“Make decisions that will weigh on the fate of humanity, convert and support the crowds. Plan the church’s strategic actions through faithful envoys. Manage your travels around the globe. Fight for peace,” Zawadzki said.

The game will be available for Windows at launch, although there is no release date yet.

Pope Francis Ever wanted to play Pope? Well, now you can via a videogame. Franco Origlia/Getty Images

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