Medical School vs College Comparison

College versus Medical School!

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In this video we compare college/university to medical school, going over:
1) Material 00:35
2) Grading 01:58
3) Schedule and Time 02:48
4) Class Exams and Tests 04:12
5) Standardized Tests (MCAT and Step) 05:13
6) Cost and Financing School 05:44

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Medical school and university share many similarities but also many differences. Some of the differences may surprise you, such as the fact that medical school material may not be as difficult as your college courses!

In terms of material, you must complete some prerequisite courses prior to applying to med school. However, other classes are highly dependent on your major. In medical school, everyone studies the same material. The pace is much faster than in college. That’s why you often hear that learning in medical school is like drinking water from a fire hydrant.

Being a competitive med school applicant requires straight A’s and a top MCAT score. Because of this, college pre-med culture is often cut throat and stressful. Medical students are stressed out as well, but pass/fail grading helps reduce the pressure to outperform your peers.

You will have less free time in medical school. You don’t get to choose your class schedule.

Exams do not follow the standard quarters and semesters with evenly spaced midterms and finals. The good news is that medical school has fewer concurrent classes and therefore fewer exams. The bad news is that each of these exams covers much more information. Also, you’re unlikely to have multiple large exams on the same day or even same week in medical school.

The MCAT is a challenging standardized test, but it pales in comparison to the beasts that are USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2CK.

In terms of costs, medical school is more expensive than university. I’ll go over how to fund medical school and college, referring to scholarships, grants, and loans, in a future video!

You can see a great summary table comparing medical school and college on the blog post here:

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